The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) hosted its first European Conference & EXPO April 14th in ROME!  We were thrilled with the turnout for this inaugural event and pleased to have 10 countries represented! This event was organized by our IAHSP EU President, Sanja Radovanovic, Vice President, Verena Mumford and member, Donia Prengemann who all did an outstanding job.  With support from IAHSP International Leadership, this event was polished, professional and ignited the passion we all have for the Home Staging industry!

Speakers Shot

(pictured:  2018 IAHSP Europe Conference Speakers)

Below is a brief synopsis of what happened during this event, and what the future holds for all of our current and future members in Europe and Asia!

April 13th we held a dinner for out of town attendees and had a great time getting to know each other at a fabulous restaurant in the heart of Rome.

Saturday morning, April 14th, we kicked off the conference with opening talk by Jennie Norris, our IAHSP International Chairwoman.  With the topic matching the theme of “Raise the Bar, “ Jennie encouraged all attendees to find ways to get better in business, communication and Staging, and Raise the Bar for the industry.  Next up was Kat Troulinos who shared how to give clients a “WOW Me Experience” with Staging – finding ways to set ourselves apart from the rest and do more than what is expected in our Staging.  Paula Bullard shared her business journey in Holland and how she grew including how to source and store inventory used in Staging and how to earn income off this service.

Cindy Lin came from Paris where she is earning her Masters in Photography, and shared about different types of cameras, as well as how to take photos that showcase your work and support your brand.  Next we heard from Massimo Caiazzo who shared an insightful and in-depth look at the correlation between physiology and color, teaching how color impacts all of our senses, and encouraged us to use color to elicit emotions for our clients and work.  Sandra Holmes, IAHSP International Leadership Team, offered up key advice and tips to separate your company from the rest by paying attention to the details in Staging, showcasing her Staging work in photos and video.  We had the privilege of hearing from ReMax Italy President, Dario Castiglia, who shared about his goal of teaching his company agents to use Home Staging, and provided insightful statistics reflecting the growth of Home Staging in the Italian market.  Laura Vimercati shared about how she is helping to educate ReMax agents about Home Staging in Italy with her training course.  We also heard from Kati Israel & Thomas Williams, ReMax agents in Estonia and Germany who are venturing to Ibiza where they will continue their success in the real estate industry.  Both are strong advocates for Home Staging in the real estate industry and we know will continue to share the importance of including this service for properties sold throughout Europe.

We heard from the two IAHSP Approved Home Staging Schools – Home Philosophy Academy in Italy and Escuela Madrileña de Decoración from SpainFrancesca Greco and Raquel Simon did an outstanding job sharing about their schools and the educational offerings provided to students.


We heard from the various Home Staging Association leaders representing approved affiliate associations from Europe and Japan.    They shared how each of their associations are growing, how Home Staging is gaining hold in each country, as well as their plans for the future.  We were very impressed with what they shared and the global growth of Home Staging in each country.

Connie Azqueta – Spain, Francky Boisseau – France, Iris Houghton – Germany, Verena Mumford – Switzerland, Barbara Perfahl – Austria, Rita-Pederzoli-Ricci – Italy, Poitr Semczyszyn – Poland, Adrienne Tilli – Hungary, Fujiko Suginohara – Japan

The event wrapped up with a KEYNOTE Speech from Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® and Founder of IAHSP who inspired all in the audience with her wisdom, passion and humor.  The audience went from laughing to crying to cheering as she shared from her 46 years of experience building the Home Staging industry from 1972 to the present.

After the Conference, we all adjourned to the rooftop of the Hotel Savoy where we danced and celebrated the success of the event!  It was the perfect way to end the conference in a way that allowed us all to have fun and enjoy the success of this event!



(Pictured:  IAHSP International Association – the Past, Present & Future of the Association serving the Home Staging industry!)

Before departing for the US, a small group had one last dinner with Barb – and saw the Trevi Fountain at night!


IAHSP-EUROPE is an official sister association under IAHSP International and represents the hard work and effort of our European Team headed by Sanja Radovanovic, President of IAHSP-EU, Verena Mumford, Vice President and Donia Prengemann, Web Designer and Consultant.

IAHSP International Ownership and Leadership Team:  Jennie Norris, John Norris, Lyn Spaeth, Bette Vos, and Sandra Holmes.

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