For more information about IAHSP® please contact us!  We are here to serve you!

Call us at 800-392-7161 or go to for more information.

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    1. We have a list of courses that are approved on the home page of the site. I personally took the ASP Course from It offered me the only industry Accreditation for Home Staging. Depending on where you live, how you like to learn, etc. there are numerous courses taught to gain credentials in the industry.


  1. Does this organization allow affiliate members? Heirloom Oriental Rug Cleaning, we specialize in rug cleaning of all types. We also have in home cleaning and textile protection services. We are current members of ASID in North Florida.


    1. Hi Erik,
      we do allow affiliate member sponsors. If you are in N Florida, I would steer you to one of our regional IAHSP Chapters to be an affiliate member. We have a chapter in Jacksonville – is that close to you? We have central and south FL as well.
      – Jennie


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