On the 9th Day Before Christmas IAHSP Gave to Me . . .

On the 9th Day Before Christmas, IAHSP gave to me . . . 23 AMAZING industry Speakers coming to share with YOU at the 2018 IAHSP Conference & EXPO – Oct 18-20, 2018 in Charlotte, NC!  Here is a look at a few more!

Gehr Speaker Promo

Margaret Gehr, one of the nation’s foremost leaders in the real estate staging industry, is the founder and co-owner of Chicagoland Home Staging in Illinois. Margaret, a multiple national award winning professional, has designed and merchandised thousands of  resale properties in Chicago’s western suburbs since 2005. Her, and her partner Kathy Lobkovich and their team have been featured in national media ranging from the Wall
Street Journal to ABC News to the Chicago Tribune. She co-authored Amazon’s Best Selling book, “Home Staging: The Power that Sells Real Estate” and is a Technical Staging Editor for Aspired Home Online Magazine.
Margaret, is also a HSR Home Staging Mentor, RESA PRO, IAHSP member, and studied at
Harrington Institute of Interior Design. She was among the first members of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), and currently the Illinois State President.  Chicagoland Home Staging, has been involved in the sale of nearly one billion dollars worth of staged properties, and has established strong bonds and lasting relationships within the real estate community. They are actively involved with area boards of realtors and other real estate groups.

Hamaty Speaker Promo

Founded in 2006, Setting the Space has become a leading resource for staging and design in New England. CEO, Blair Hamaty, leads a team of over 25 who provide innovative and leading-edge services to realtors, developers as well as design clients.

Setting the Space prides itself on its ability to bring fresh, unique and bold designs to their clientele. With a 20,000 square foot warehouse in Plymouth, MA and six retail design centers, the Setting the Space empire is growing at an impressive rate. On average, Setting the Space has over 100 properties staged within the Boston / New England area. Additionally, the design team completes multiple projects monthly including new construction, remodels, room make-overs, model homes, apartment complex and corporate office design from New York to Florida and beyond.

Hansen Speaker Promo

Scott Hansen is a high performance coach, sought after speaker, and renowned pod-cast host. He’s helped numerous business owners increase their number of  clients, become more productive; while ultimately helping them substantially increase their overall revenues. Scotts work has been featured on: ABC, NBC, FOX,  INC,  and Six Figure Coach magazine labeled Scott as one of the top business coaches in the country . In addition, Scott is a contributing writer at Entrepreneur.com, an international Best Selling Author and creator of Success Hackers; one of the most listened to business podcasts on Itunes, downloaded in multiple countries.
Scott’s not your typical speaker.  Hi speaking style is dynamic and electric, engaging audiences to participate during his presentations.  You’ll come away empowered, informed and ready to crush it!  

Tips to Create Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces with Patio Furniture

Tips to Create Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces with Patio Furniture

Cozy patio

The outdoors is an extension of our homes that we need to make as comfortable as possible. Using patio furniture is an ingenious way of making the outdoors fun and exciting for the whole family. Ideas might not be flowing right now but these tips will certainly inspire you to create cozy outdoor living spaces using patio furniture. Choose high-quality furniture that can withstand outdoor elements and protect it using weatherproof covers that fit. The more you care for your outdoor furniture, the longer it will serve you.

  1. Built in benches

Benches can be built into a wall or floor mainly using concrete and timber. Pillows, throws, and cushions are enough to make the concrete or wood bench more comfortable. If you are not into a permanent look, choose free-standing benches that you can transport to any part of your yard. In a compact space, outdoor benches can double up as tables or work stations. Lattice patio covers are an outdoor essential in Phoenix, where they provide shade and protection to the furniture. Without such, benches would forever be exposed to the elements which would, in turn, shorten their lifespan.

  1. Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs are a common feature in outdoor spaces. The material is strong, beautiful and long lasting even when exposed. Place two or three wicker chairs in your favorite spot in the garden then open up an umbrella for some shade. This material seems to create much-needed warmth in a cool part of the green. It is so popular that you can find tables, chairs, baskets, armories and many more items made of it. You can move plastic chairs and tables to the garden whenever you need to bask in the sun. They come in multiple bright colors to allow the homeowner to add a personal touch in the outdoors. Choose an ideal location for your wicker or plastic furniture and be sure to arrange it in an appealing manner for optimal comfort.

  1. Wood table

The outdoor table can be any shape or size you like but make sure it is treated to prevent rot. You can put wood chairs to go with your signature table. Often, a wood table becomes the outdoors centerpiece for lunch, evening meal or entertainment. When the sun outside is simply irresistible, you can work at the outdoor table as comfortably. A wood table can be painted in different colors to enhance the space, or you can simply stain it to display the beauty in its grains. Wood is a particularly trendy look in the outdoors and leaving it unpainted is a great way of ensuring that it perfectly blends with the surroundings.

  1. Placements

Add a decorative touch to the patio by having a carving, vase, or wooden fruit baskets. Placements enhance the space by making it more functional and attractive. Artistic placements are useful for breaking the monotony of chairs and tables or the occasional umbrella.

  1. Shelving

With a large patio, you could add shelving to the list of furniture. It is an easy way to store books, or art pieces, which creates an entertaining display in the end. The location of your shelving is vital as you must ensure that it is on full display without getting in the way.

Ultimately, the choice of outdoor furniture and its location is up to you. Make sure to choose pieces that match your tastes and blend in with the outdoors. Pillows and rugs are the ideal accessories to add a splash of color and style to the furniture for a cozier appeal this summer.


Guest Blog courtesy of Lisa C of LibertyHomeproducts.com