What’s Your Story? Featuring Joan Inglis

  1. Your nameJoan Inglis
  2. Business nameCarolina Spaces
  3. How long you have been in business?13 years
  4. What you did before getting into the Staging Industry?I was a government and features reporter for a major city newspaper while I freelanced at interior design for homebuilder’s model homes.  Simultaneously I began three home-based businesses while being a devoted homeschool mother of three – Herbalife; Storytime Books (my own line of children’s personalized storybooks); and I did home services management with a friend.  Prior to my children I was a full-time cat lady.  I had a cattery – Majun – and bred and showed Turkish Angoras all over the country.  I was the first breeder focusing on black smoke Turkish Angoras and my cats and kittens won many first-ever awards.
  5. What made you decide to start a Staging business?I knew it would be a good fit with my design background and Realtor license.  I intended to have the Staging enhance my real estate business, but the Staging took on a life of its own.  Early on I received requests across three states to furnish homes priced up to $10 million.  
  6. What has been one of the biggest challenges for your success?Earning trust from fellow Realtors.  Because I am licensed in the states I serve, fellow Realtors did not want me to come into contact with their clients.  After many years of having the door slammed in my face, Realtors suddenly came knocking at my door.  Now I work with the topmost Realtors in my region, consulting on all of their listing, and physically Staging many of those homes.  
  7. What has been one of the best aspects of having your own business? – Though it is a great deal of responsibility and all issues fall back on me to solve, I enjoy a challenge and keeping my wheels spinning.  The very best aspect is that I help people get out of their current situation and move on with their lives.
  8. What is your top tip or piece of advice for someone looking at getting into this industry? Get educated, then do not let the customer dictate your price. Price your services with all expenses and profit in mind.  Don’t be afraid to walk away if the customer can’t meet your price.  There WILL be others who can.

Thank you, Joan, for sharing your background and insights!  We love how this industry attracts people from all walks of life, and so great to see how you have achieved such great success!! Those of you reading, Joan is a multi-award-winning ASP Master Home Stager and has really helped pave the way for Staging in her market!

If YOU would like to be featured in this ongoing series, simply answer the questions above, send in your headshot and company logo to Jennie@iahsp.com and we will feature YOU and your business!

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